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since 2003​


My name is Gina Omalanz, founder of Essence of the Thymes catering.  I feel so privileged to be living my dream.  I share my passion in every event we service.  I have brought my restaurant back ground to give you restaurant quality food and service, in an intimate setting of your choice.  I am all about choices.  It is really how I built this amazing company, by choosing to work with amazing people, choosing great products, and choosing to listen to your (our clients) needs.  My appreciation for your support is beyond words.  I look forward to you allowing us to be a part of your next event.  

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Hope Sergent is always ready to plan your next serviced event.  After being My colleague in the restaurant business for years, she decided to join the catering team in 2010.   She shines under pressure and hustles like no other 5' woman.  She has become the company’s most experienced event producer while keeping her passion for pleasing the clients.  Although she shows no stress, she keeps her balance by singing beautifully.  She has traveled around with her jazz group mostly, but loves to sing all styles.  Whether you are working with her or listening to her sing, you’re in for a treat.

Hanna Haigh joined Essence of the Thymes Catering in 2016.  Her first job was in the food industry 8 years ago.  She had left a management position to start at entry level.  She quickly fit in with her quiet but focused self.  Hanna has become one of our top grill cooks and more recently accepted the kitchen manager position.  She has proven how amazing she is to me, the kitchen team and the thousands of people she has served.  Hanna is able to find her balance by spending time outdoors.  Camping is the perfect getaway for her. 
Miah Swinney came to Essence of the Thymes in 2018 after working multiple years in the restaurant industry.  Her passion for food and flair for flavor pairings has put her on the fast track to being one of our most creative chefs here at Essence of the Thymes.  When she's not in the kitchen, you can find her spending time with her fiance and their black lab, Nova.  
Gracelyn Snedden might be our newest Event Lead, but don't let that fool you.  She has 4 years and hundreds of weddings under her belt, making her a well seasoned pro.  Her artistic nature comes through in her attention to detail at each event, and her hard work ethic adds to her leadership qualities.  In her free time, she studies Conservation and Evolutionary Biology in college, practices multiple instruments, sings and dances.  


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