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Family Style Service 

Family Style brings that warm feeling of holiday family dinners, in a fun interactive setting.

Start your family style dinner with a handcrafted salad that will be in bowls for your guests to self serve or plated for them. Bread or rolls will come out for your guests in baskets with butters.

Family Feast

Your meal will continue with the main entrees of grilled chimichurri flank steak and grilled wild caught salmon served on cedar planks and topped with watermelon salsa. Your meal will be complete with our gorgonzola mashed potatoes and seasonal roasted vegetables. Your guests are able to serve themselves without ever having to leave their seats.

Bohemian Thymes

Your meal will continue with fried chicken drumsticks and praline baked ham served on platters to each table. The meal will continue with sauteed green beans and garlic mashed potatoes.

Family BBQ

Your meal will continue with a classic BBQ spread, with smoked brisket, Texas style, and grilled lemon herb chicken thighs. Baked beans, classic macaroni & cheese and corn bread with honey butter round out this family style meal.

All Vegetarian Thymes 1

Your meal will continue with stuffed peppers with quinoa & roasted vegetables, vegetable moussaka topped with bechamel, garlic mashed potato popovers, & roasted cauliflower with garlic

Thyme for Asian Flair

Your meal will continue with Mongolian beef over rice noodles, ponzu seared scallops with vegetables, sweet & sour chicken, & steamed rice

All Vegetarian Thymes 2

Your meal will continue with three cheese ravioli with light roma tomato white wine sauce, seasonal vegetable tarts, & fresh fruit salad with amaretto vinaigrette

Brunch Thyme

Your meal will continue with buttermilk waffles with classic maple syrup, fried chicken, scrambled eggs with bacon, & a fresh fruit platter

Roman Thymes

Your meal will continue with wild mushroom raviolis with pearl onions & pea marsala sauce, Tuscan grilled chicken, & seasonal vegetables

Contact us today for more information about this warm and comforting style of service

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