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Exquisite food, beautifully presented

While retaining the elegance of a seated meal, our buffet menus have a variety of different items that prepare and present specifically for buffet. These items are great for corporate meetings, celebrations of life, reunions, auctions, holiday parties or any larger event. Please keep in mind these listed items are sample ideas, we can create a custom menu based on your taste, requests & budget.

Fiesta Thymes

Chips and salsa (can be put out on individual tables)~ Garden salad~ Taco bar: Shredded beef~ Refried beans~ Mexican rice~ Shredded lettuce~ Diced tomatoes~ Scallions~ Shredded cheese~ Sour cream~ Chicken enchiladas~ Start your Fiesta with your Mexican seafood cocktail shooter for an additional 2.50

*Essence of the Northwest

Great for a cocktail party, we can set up a buffet of: praline baked brie in a puff pastry served with fresh baguette, whiskey shrimp, pan seared bacon wrapped scallops skewered with rosemary, grilled flank steak lettuce cups, roasted artichoke spears with garlic paste, individual crudités filled with ranch or hummus, and apple cream cheese tartlets

Thyme for a Bite

Great for a between meal gathering to include: A variety of goat cheese tortas with crackers, teriyaki chicken satays, fresh fruit arrangement, and an assortment of crudités with a buttermilk ranch.

*Essence of Italy

This buffet can be set up on one long table or set up in stations. It will begin with Caesar salad with crisp romaine, garlic croutons, parmesan, and champagne caesar dressing. The pasta will be set up with choice of red and white sauce. Toppings for the white sauce will include pesto chicken, parmesan shavings, artichoke hearts, and sundried tomatoes. The red sauce pasta can be topped with chef cut sausage on our grill, roasted zucchini medley, and mozzarella. This menu is complete with garlic bread. Add an antipasto with salami, provolone, marinated fresh mozzarella with toasted baguettes, marinated bean, asparagus, and Mediterranean olives for 5.00

BBQing Thyme

This buffet will begin with our garden salad with fresh greens, carrots, radishes, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion rings, croutons, and served with ranch and balsamic dressing on the side. The main entree will be our slow cooked pork spare ribs with our dry rub and topped with our BBQ sauce, and our bone in lemon and herb chicken. The buffet will be complete with classic potato salad, coleslaw, baked beans, and corn bread.

Classic Thymes

This buffet begins with your choice of seasonal green salad. We will set up layers of deli meats on beautifully arranged mirrors. This is served with deli cheeses, rolls, and a completer to include lettuce onions and tomatoes. It will be complete with Italian style pasta salad, crudites with ranch, and sweet and sour meatballs.

*Service is required with these menus

Prices may vary depending on your guest count. Menus are great as a drop off or a serviced event unless noted otherwise.

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